stop being afraid

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I am not the only terrified American here. Just because you're not, maybe, in as much fiscal abjection as I am doesn't mean it's a walk in the park for anyone with half a brain or half a heart. I have a few deeply loved friends who are also afraid.

Billy's really upset about the caravan headed for us, and I'm having to reassure him that it is definitely a paid movement sort of thing, and if it actually ends up being another mob and near our border for realz, the president will not hesitate to do what it takes. He's freaking out that so many people will merely flow over our troops and claim Aztlán. I had to remind him of "active denial" weapons and drones and the literal impossibility of them doing that if the president says they can't and backs it up.

Then there's Beautiful Bob who loves our planet as much as I do. He sent me this link today. If WaPo is even telling the truth, and that's an "if" every fucking time, though I do have a vague memory of this, consider that it has been going on for FOURTEEN YEARS, since they stole a second election for Dubby, without grabbing headlines until they want to dis Trump over it. Recall Nosbaracktu "going for a swim" to quell our "irrational" fears over Deepwater Horizon. Just let it sink in what this means.

Stolid Steve reminding me of the better late than never deal with the Democrats trying to make a silk purse out of running so many intelligence agents for congress... which, by the way, SHOULD be all the indication you will ever need that the number one fear in the United States is of Corrupt Government.

We're just flat out NOT so dumb as we look, and any human in any era would be terrified by these things. We just have to remember that a lot of it has been done on purpose to make us riot, and MOST of us DO remember that, and know why they want us to riot, and so don't. We're voting against them until there is absolutely NO peaceful choice left to us.

Because we love the planet and the Constitution and each other.

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