that would only seem lucid

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To anyone mistakenly thinking their fiduciary duty is real.

I did want you to consider about Trump possibly being gobsmacked about the extent of the fiscal circus as he was about to become president, and other matters discussed here, but I hope that wasn't taken to imply I think the economy is ANYTHING other than a Monopoly game with rules almost no one can intuit, let alone enforce, and any of us who try to address the matter as it IS are, of course, immediately discounted as naive or crazy.

I wanted you to consider what might be real if the entirely too risible president were also a patriot, and grateful, and acting in good faith, as he has been able to understand it, in a time where doing that is this dangerous. If that's real, or the most real take on the situation, it's pretty crummy that we have not witnessed anything tangible enough by way of indictments against people we know were/are corrupt actors.

I mean I don't like how it seems to be being used to keep the bottomlessly generous lucid people on side... trying to make us vote out Democrats or at least not vote them in, when we've unequivocally done that and yet that party has only gotten worse, more dedicated to decidedly not democratic republican government. I mean, yes, I am sure they've got to work hard addressing the perfidies in the Judiciary, but we're eating shit out here in the heartfelt wish for our country back.

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