the moment i first heard about wikipedia

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I thought it was the worst idea I'd heard in my experience with the information age... for all the reasons mentioned here. I try never to use it, but will do it when it pertains to something relatively uncontroversial or where the veracity of the matter isn't as important as what's being said about it. In other words, just where a bare bones description is all the help you might need.

Even then, if it's easy to pull off another page, any other page, I'll link that instead.

So, while I think it's important that you listen to this, it also makes me woozy with frustration that anyone should need to listen to it. And, right here, is another extremely important listen that also bothers me to have to point out. You're going to think I'm bragging.

Very much of what they are discussing is stuff I've already pointed out, not so much because I thought of it first, but because I knew it as fast as I knew about Wikipedia, when the information was first out. It came out ten years ago from the SCO that they were going to do their utmost to resist all provocations to provide the psychopaths with their WWIII until the United States was too poor to engage in it. That time is almost certainly here.

We've watched them sticking to their plan for all this time, and we're right on the cusp of that plan panning out. I think every day now is brimming with the threat of serious evil being done in a psychopaths' Hail Mary, and every day the declassification waits is maybe THE day something way more terrible than usual happens... you know, like they do every time they have to nail our asses to get what they want, what they won't live without another day.

Yeah, I know they are market guys, and I don't like listening to their shit, their default belief that it is THE measure of our health as a society, when it's only a head trip making that able to hurt us so much. And the hurt is REAL. The inflation over the last year has put me having to go in debt every month to cover my bare bones expenses. Try that one on.

Still, they are talking about stuff that was both reported on at the inception of the chaos surrounding this presidency, and mentioned here many times since. There is a spark of relief that others see what I do, but I can't lose the worry that the magnificent product of all this won't be magnificent, that somehow all this preparation to rid us of the stench from the hero-assassinating putrefaction that owns everything isn't really going to free us.

That it's only going to be a fleeting setback, at best.

It's oozed into every aspect of American life, filtered down to every square inch of inhabitation in North America, in the entire Western "Civilization", that not even Social Security secures anyone from the quite more American owners who may decouple truly and gloriously from the globalist owners.

Corruption around every bend.

We have no choice but to root for the less murderous psychopaths unless we feel okay about riots in the streets. Quite a few of us do feel okay about that, but it's been channeled into a civil war by the government and media instead of a revolution... because the quite more American owners are every bit as fearful of our collective power as the globalist ones are.

Anyway, whether you were early to understanding these things, or dragged into it by me, or still needing to take in the main points so as to assess the picklements around us, you should spend a couple hours here and see where it leaves you.

pipe up any time....