the way i have begun looking at it

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Is that there is no way to penetrate the wall of mindfuck put up by psychopaths, that one has to hold bits of information loosely and add in what one knows about how things go, what certain factions want and how they can even be factions to begin with and what is the real world product of this stuff going on after all is said and done.

I mean, if you wonder how I could suddenly be so seemingly serene about nukes, it's because I had to rip my brain away from my conditioning, quit inserting what I've only ever been told for what might make more sense. No, I don't suppose Dubby was wanting to free Europe with his efforts to move in nukes, or Nosbaracktu, but both of them were on the same team, and neither of them had the chutzpah to unilaterally break a nukes treaty.

So why would I think Donald isn't just being a bull in a China shop? He could be, but I see exactly how he is "renegotiating" every control mechanism that keeps the rest of the West dancing to the globalist tune. And given the FACT that Russia needs absolutely no missiles aimed at it to keep it from attacking or annexing any state, with the possible exception of rescuing the eastern half of the Ukraine, which is full of Russians, from the coup, and everyone knows that, it is more believable to me that Trump is simply very cleverly dismantling the control grid.

I have not done that much research on it, but I did post an indicator that there may be people being quietly moved out of key positions already and everyone has seen that the psychopaths ARE outright frantic, so I was made to wonder what might be the strategy to slip this noose, to end the globalist project and return the USA to the people and stay alive long enough to get 'er done. What would be needed?

Backing by equally scary people, and a great deal of stealth, and a great deal of top quality intelligence, plenty of which can not be strictly from here. The ONLY means left, as I've said a thousand times, is insiders, insiders all over the world. Put that together with the famed declaration from the SCO just over a decade ago, where they announced their plan to resist every and all provocation while building their defenses and waiting until the psychopaths to go bankrupt... which they reckoned would take about ten years.

So. If you are president, and we are bankrupt, but must not come off as bankrupt, and want to wrest this population from the grips of oligarch psychopaths who own everything, how might you proceed? You will be relying on those international insiders very heavily, and you know which enemies are your friends and which are only forced and needing protection and which need to think, above all, that you are their faithful friend and supporter. You might not even be able to be anyone on earth but a big bozo with this colorful a life and personality to pull it off.

The very few people who have been bleating for an outsider as long as I have seem all to have fallen into despair over the delivery, at last, of an outsider. They all think he's Donald Trump, as in public face Donald Trump, hubris, glitz, towering ego, the works. Not a one of them seems to have been brought up short by a couple of very public Trump anomalies, his flirtation with Giuliani, with whom he is not fed up, in drag and his appearance in the Green Acres skit.

I had to go back to an exercise in throwing off my mental conditioning from something like twenty years ago, writing a whole book full of famous characters we all think we know all about and giving them completely different motives than any of us expected, and look at the glimpses. And remember snippets of formerly mystifying information that formed up into knowing better what has really been going on.

How many of these people we know are owned, never sought it, got it thrust upon them and would actually do whatever they could to rid us of that kind of coercion? What if media have been marginally more subtle about marginalizing certain people than they have been with certain not really villainous "villains"? What if we don't actually know public people anywhere near as well as we only think we do? What if the insider resistance had almost as hard a time picking their man as we did?

I admit the glimpses are rare and the discerning must be willing, but there have been discernible clues.


I fell down a Trump hole. All kinds of interviews and documentaries from forever on forward, and he'd been talking this make-them-pay-their-way stuff, bitching about all the horrendously lopsided deals all over the globe, for 35 years when he threw his hat in the ring in 2015. Talk show hosts and news anchors and audience members and callers have been asking him if he'd run for president for all that time. He was also talking about low income housing and treating our veterans like royalty and farmers while I was mostly ignoring him for all that time.

Do you think maybe after all that public griping about how America should be run, and all the politicians coming to him with their hands out all that time, that maybe he finally figured out why all those billions kept flying out of our coffers and then our children's and grandchildren's coffers for all these decades? I mean, I finally did. He's got much better connections than I do.

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