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How did that work out, Tucker? Did we get anywhere from hauling him up before congress? I don't think so, and it keeps getting worse. Mirror neurons and dopamine hits still grabbing grey matter straight out of brain pans everywhere.


Holy Jumpin' Jehosephat, I think I slept for twelve hours. I think I posted this shortly before getting in bed and did not get up until quatta afta two. I'm a strange combination of fully lucid and fully befuzzled and puffy and stuffy and clear as a bell. I mean, something like an unhandicapped person.

None of the headlines are making sense.

I mean, they never do, but not even that much today. Been listening to Vietnam vets talking for a couple days, awake or asleep, because — and maybe I should be ashamed to admit it — I miss my generation. No. Really. I almost called the local vets people to ask if there were somewhere the Vietnam guys meet for lunch or drinks or anything.

I need people who know about love, about tribe that transcends stupid racial and political demarcation... MEN who never shirked manhood, even when they didn't comprehend enough context at the time to do something different. The guys who did, by and large, never found manhood or true human leadership from it.

Few were the ones like John Trudell who were vets and crucial spiritual forces, but who among the draft dodgers ever found the love and tribe and humanity to move us forward as a species? Where are the bodhisattvas?

How do I show you?

pipe up any time....