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Also known as a graph. There may once have been some good reason to have a global reserve currency, to peg all business transactions between nations to the most stable currency on the planet, but that's not important anymore. The information and transaction speed to turn payments into the seller's currency immediately obviates the need to have a world reserve currency.

It might be that the dollar will drop by 30% when no one uses it for international transactions anymore. I don't know. It will not be fun. I know that much. I also know that it will mean we can spend radically less on "defense" as soon as that has bitten hard enough, which would offset a lot of the pain.

But I don't know if we have enough citizens intelligent enough to want to stop being the bully on the block in exchange for a nice peaceful and productive and friendly future as equals with everyone else.

Just beware anyone getting behind the idea of a UN currency to serve as reserve. IT'S NOT NECESSARY and IT'S JUST A TOOL FOR DOMINATION OF HUMANS.

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