air quality issues

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Billy and Berit had to get up at 5am today so they could be at the INS offices in Santa Rosa for Berit's appointment to get fingerprinted and show all her original documents in the process of becoming a citizen. She's been a legal resident for 40 years, but I think lately they are making that much harder and much more expensive to maintain, so she's doing it. I'm still gobsmacked that marrying Billy didn't do the trick to obviate all that paying and re-upping of the Green Card.

Except, the office was closed when they arrived. Because of air quality concerns.

No call. No email. No notice whatever. EVERYONE had to just arrive, find parking, go read the sign and do everything in reverse. Just it was over an hour's drive for Berit and Billy... and for who knows how many others. They're both 75 years old, and should not be out in the wildfire smog... even though it turns out the air was better in Santa Rosa than at home.

Anyway, on top of my simmering anger about the Camp Fire, I am worried about everyone but my sister in this over a week of apocalyptically awful air. I know a bunch of you are beyond doubting having to struggle with this. It's worst on babies and old people, but it's not good for any of us... and I guess especially not federal employees.

pipe up any time....