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Here's your sign.

But you will want to look at it from all angles, right? Like you've been conditioned to think means two. So, here. Have at it.

Just a humanitarian effort or very wealthy interests organizing an invasion?

Your friends and loved ones have been being squeezed into oblivion for the past few decades, could definitely have used some of this organizing prowess, the ones who are still alive, to get back on their feet or just to live out their lives in less misery, and, sorry, we just DO NOT have the resources.

Homeless vets. Dead vets. Your neighbors who just seemed to disappear. The single men freezing to death in the elements every year for enforced lack of shelter on the worst nights. The ugly camps full of hard won bits of shelter torn down wherever they pop up. The piles of shit on the street. The typhoid. The parts of every town you fear to enter. All the times you have had to pick between eating and buying your meds. All the octogenarians being busted for selling dope.

The jobless youth getting paid to play competent saviors toward unhuddled masses.

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