lots more nuanced than advertised

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Maybe some will remember the huge protests in Germany against the Iraq War back in 2003 and how Angela Merkel was a great hope for those people. I can only imagine how they have felt with each new wave of migrants/refugees since, but I can't help feeling exasperated about anyone wringing their hands over the utter failure of "liberals" to maintain even a token stance against the wars.

That's been virtually gone for ten years now, whereas the conservative branch of the antiwar movement hasn't budged in all the time and administrations since we have shared cyberspace with them. Something for us to consider.

But also nice to see this guy realizing these so-called "hard right" factions do very probably mean at least an attenuation of the war machine if not an end to it. The "left" isn't left and the "right" isn't right, but they're suddenly also not exactly two forms of the same politics either.

We have to check all our assumptions, drop our presets, if we want to SEE who are good faith actors and who are dinosaurs and who should be in jail and who is behind the insane drive to infantilize and keep infantilized The People.

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