lots of fog

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It's been raining on and off, but it's mostly been very foggy. This is odd because I was just talking with BB2 about the diminished amounts of fog, and it's like they heard us or something. Every time I've left the house this last week, it's been foggy out there.

Not SO foggy you can't see the road, but the fog is very low and thick.

Today, I went to the grocery store in Brookings. I got three pounds of bacon for ten bucks. I think I'm going to make meals of bacon that I can dip in a sour cream and bleu cheese mix. I eat spoonfuls of fresh ground almond butter when I get peckish, and try to have some yogurt every day. The grocery budget is pretty tight, though, so usually something has to give.

Anyway, I drove in the blissful fog to the store, shopped, and drove back in the blissful fog, but it looked like it had rained again at home because the driveway looked wetter. I guess the arctic air of last week went east to upset those people. I am glad it didn't stick around to pester me more.

I am NOT turning on my heater this winter. NOT, not, not.

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