maybe the worst of all time, anywhere, ever

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I will try to gather the moxie to explain some of my problems with it — I mean, beside that it happened at all — when I pull myself together better. I'll update this post with it if I get it together tonight, or try again tomorrow.

Just, suffice it to say for now that Trump's extremely insensitive tweet about it was making a cogent point. I don't know if he has any true idea about the management problems, but the point was a goddam bullseye. Trying to mention the real problems while the fires rage is the only way to get eyeballs on them, but people act like a true effort to alleviate the problems is the same as farting in a crowded elevator.

Fucking twits out there trying hard to guarantee we never make our way out of this hell... clambering for new ways to virtue signal through it.

pipe up any time....