NOT about politics OR climate

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It's about shit management, which is why I say "forest management" is an oxymoron. We KNOW the ways to do a much better job, but if you do a much better job, you don't make any money, and foisting responsibility off on the state does NO good because they won't do anything that costs money until they have absolutely no other option. Ever.

So they call the feds.

It's the same story when there's Republican administration and when it's Democrat. It's the same in ALL climate conditions. The most frustrating part is that there is NO means to fix this such that our forests and people can get back to being good for each other unless a big enough group of serious bodhisattvas get together and MAKE it happen.

It has NOTHING to do with climate change. You're not a clean and good human if you believe in climate change. You're not a decent person whose heart is with the people and the environment if you are a liberal, any more than if you are a conservative.

The name of the game, the meaning of life, is to become a true human adult. What in the fuck is so wrong with that? Too dangerous? Too hard? Not enough money in it?

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