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I am in no wise rooting for any further degradation of Posse Comitatus. I don't think using troops on the border against invasion even is a degradation of Posse Comitatus, and I am 100% behind the president on this one.

I care deeply for the welfare of all humans everywhere, and even particularly for our brothers and sisters south of our borders, but I know too many citizen construction workers and loggers who can't get work because construction contractors and logging companies are using illegal aliens to save on salaries and benefits... aka to make more money.

What kind of use can we be to the immiserated of the planet when this immiserates us? Do you not understand the dynamics of forcing the world to come under one command and control structure? Do you think that is good? Are you nuts?

It's NOT about race. It's NOT about heartlessness. It's NOT "liberal" to tank your countrymen's prospects because people in other countries are in bad shape. THERE ARE BETTER WAYS TO ADDRESS OUR COMPASSIONATE FEELINGS THAN THIS. But there won't be if we don't harden our borders against THE most expensive drain on our resources this side of the "defense" budget.

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