she's young

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She doesn't get how antiquities can be of grave importance to all humanity, to people all over the world, no matter where the antiquities originated, and how ridiculously few of us can ever get to them from where we are. She may not be paying attention to what a sucky job some countries have done of protecting their antiquities either, OR how some of them get SO snippy about it they won't LET anybody study what they need to study.

How about all the shit the Taliban and ISIS have blown up? The looted museums in destabilized places? That UNESCO does jack shit to protect World Heritage Sites? It just is NOT cut and dry... and this horse shit about heart and soul from something gone a hundred and fifty years is... horse shit. It's not their great grandparents' bones, okay? And nowadays they're not so quick to just annex pieces for their museums.

They understand, at last, that people with brown skin are people. So just calm down.

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