the new science makes sense to me

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Where the old one never did, and I put that together with the demise of my father and Robin Williams and my dear friend Norman, all three of whom took statins dutifully, and had bypass surgeries, and ended up with Parkinson's-related dementia, and heart-wrenchingly miserable deaths, and then add that to how much better I feel when I keep my carb intake to a rock bottom minimum and go whole hog on the LDL fats, perfect blood work restored... well... you might get the idea why I feel this is right and everyone, even terrified heart disease patients, should pay attention about statins.

I have a decent track record with this. I'd been insisting since I was about seven that margarine and low fat milk could not possibly be healthier than butter and milk, that fries cooked in vegetable oil could not possibly be better for us than fries cooked in lard, that eating and drinking low and no calorie stuff with laboratory chemicals added was making people fat and sick, that actual food could not possibly be harmful to our health unless we ate so much of it that we turned into beached whales and died of our exhausted organs.

I took shit for these opinions for more than half a century. It was vexing to me because it only seemed like plain sense to me and everybody kept calling me crazy or a dairy nazi or just waved me off and kept packing in the food-flavored plastic and chemically-enhanced convenience snacks just like it wasn't stark raving bonkers to depart so radically from what sustained our ancestors for millennia.

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