i know it has been six years

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But you might remember me screaming about the Iberian horses getting robbed at the London Olympics, that the two best dressage performances were left completely out of the medals because the judges are goddam racists. I know it was hard for me to place my beloved Fuego behind Rubi, but he was just entirely too perfect in the freestyle to take it away from him.

I went batshit crazy for Fuego in 2010, and couldn't imagine liking another horse's performance more than his, so you know it's got to be some pretty outstanding piaffe pirouetting to pass that by.

London judges didn't mind taking it away from both of them, to their eternal shame.

Now, this very morning, I get to see this fantastic compilation of Rubi's progeny. He is a transcendentally good sire. These are gorgeous descendants and all with the spectacularly brilliant movement of their father. I'm floored, and having to brag to you yet again about what a good judge of horseflesh I am.

pipe up any time....