i still don't understand the bolton thing

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I don't understand how Trump so quickly lost the people we might have relied upon to sniff out the psychopaths' moles and neutralize them, and if Trump has some grand plan to obviate their nefarious doings it's above my pay grade to discern. Most of the fans cite the bit about keeping your enemies closer, but... well... how's that working out?

And keeping an eye on the Q Continuum is probably good for my Zen, but it's seriously no fun. The impulses are bipolar. You get bits that seem to lead in the right direction, and you ARE more than DESPERATE for the right direction, whether you will admit it or not, and every time your hopes are raised this way, the news continues to contradict it. So the most positive thing you can say about the Q phenomenon is that there are a very lot of people who are so much more than desperate for the right direction they will band together as a proud TwitFace army to demoralize traitors.

Which is a far cry from arresting them.

pipe up any time....