i was watching videos from france earlier

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Thinking this protest seems to be using an awful lot of homeless migrant bedding for their anti-gasoline tax fires... when I heard Tim splaining that the yellow vest thing was going on in a lot of other European capitols too. Of course, now I wonder if that was real information or he just read it on Q's main page. I guess I should trust Tim because he did used to be a "real" credentialed journalist.

So I've been browsing around Q's links and half loving and half loathing what I'm finding, seeing Q seem to be re-invoking the pleas to "trust Sessions"... just the next night after having mentioned to you that Sessions might have been fired for effect, not really fired fired. But, if I am able to keep half an eye on Q's updates, so are the globalist psychopaths, which might account for some of the scary shit popping up on the TwitFace feeds of everyone Q shouts out... shills planting their own seeds, so to speak.

So. If yer interested, there's your link, or if you want to kick back and listen about it here, I guess, is as good a link as any of the devoted Q splainers.

If not, really all you might want to hear about is that some of the police in Paris who were facing off rioters solemnly took off their helmets to them instead of bopping them on the head.

pipe up any time....