i'm not paranoid

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But I purposely decided against bringing up the "color revolution" aspect of this until I felt sure it really isn't a creature of the psychopaths who controlled our State Department for too long. I mean, I am unsure if that end of the swamp has drained, but I do allow as how it SEEMS this revolution is genuine. We're talking FRENCH people after all.

I am put in mind of the ongoing problem of the "climate debate". I am not forgetting when Michael Rivero told me, many years ago now, that whether or not there is any anthropogenic component, the REASON such a big deal is being made of it is to institute a global tax infrastructure. Not enough we already have federal, state and local taxes. That is conspicuously missing GLOBAL, and everything that has been put forth since then has only reinforced the veracity of Michael's assessment.

Too many of us are conflating our genuine desire for ecologically sound human activity with a responsibility to further empower psychopaths in their relentless drive for global control. Too many think that it is somehow more righteous to back globalist politicians because, after all, our planet is at stake... each and every one of them forgetting that [1] the psychopaths' way of saving our planet is to make it THEIR planet; and [2] they already have more than all our money and giving less to the MIC or other corrupt drains on tax revenues is a perfectly feasible and positive way to afford cleaning up our environment.

THE imperative for all humanity is to get our heads out of what is ONLY mental conditioning by psychopaths and their relentless propaganda. We already KNOW we have no power inside their narrative. We HAVE TO make the narrative comport with OUR power, not theirs.

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