lean times

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I don't think there's been even as many open crab seasons as closed ones since I moved up here, and the years it was open at all, it was vastly shortened. I don't know why we can't just call a full halt to all crabbing off our shores for, say, twenty years, so we can get ourselves back a nice healthy population again... I mean, if ever we can we oughta give it a try... like OBVIOUSLY there are problems offshore Mendocino, Humboldt, Del Norte for crabbing.

We've already lost a bunch of businesses that relied on crabbers' annual visits. We can just quit pretending. I know Oregon is still pretending, but at least they've got VERY short seasons and checkpoints for any watercraft near everywhere they might try to put in off season.

I wonder often if the huge military training ground out there in the ocean is impacting the fisheries, but, truly, there are way too many licensed fishermen and illegal fishermen flocking to the coast from major metropolitan areas to not have fished out the entire PNW.

AND the salmonids need a goddam break after all the wildfire impaired watercourses are making spawning that much harder for the already declined populations. Truly. I don't want to see our fishermen gone, but maybe they'd agree that doing something to insure their sons can have a business isn't a half bad idea.

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