maybe my speakers suck

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Or maybe I just do NOT appreciate horns even more now than for my whole life. Whatever. You don't get much better than Bonamassa and Hart, and I'm not hearing it. I'm posting it in case you can hear it.

Whole thing just sounds way too brassy to me, and if it really sounds like I think it sounds, again, for the billionth time, I should have been a music producer. You'd like your life better.

Well. And... also... the guy on the mixing board seems to be doing the classic concert thing where he throttles it back at the start and gradually deepens it as the songs tick by, so that the whole business comes to a sort of sound crescendo by the end of the evening. Which is cheating, and pisses me off.

I mean, like, maybe we couldn't stand a whole two-hour crescendo or something.

pipe up any time....