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We do only have the proclamations of a couple popular wishful thinkers to indicate that Huber has been doing anything at all. Only thing that keeps me from losing heart completely is that I know anyone who would attempt to actually drain the swamp would need to feign incompetence and inactivity to both help give the swamp creatures more ways to be hung and to hedge against them assassinating you.

But it really is a toss up between Trump not finding enough help who will actually brave the killers to get 'er done and all of them continuing to have to give the appearance of bumbling, working behind the scenes, to stay alive.

I might not have had to admit this if Sessions hadn't been fired. I mean, he could have been "fired" for effect and be rehired for the kill, but if he were fired for doing nothing about this stuff, Huber is liable to disappoint in a big way. I just have to keep falling back on my own conviction that there ARE insiders who WILL do what it takes IF they have the support.

That's all I've got.

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