wait. what?

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I thought we already quit that treaty?

I recently bankrupted myself in my legal efforts and my determination to deal with possible thyroid cancer in the very best manner available to me. I mean, beside the breaks built in for seriously poor people, travel to them is enough to knock us into the dirt, and adding in inflation... well... it seriously fucks with — decimates — decades of hard won insulation from minor disasters turning into killers.

So. Fine. It could be as long as two YEARS until my legal thing might go forward, and I am assured by the pros of the planet that I do not have thyroid cancer. Able to dejectedly endure the fear of minor disasters taking me out while trying to maintain some level of functioning....

Now. Except now it's "cervical radiculopathy"... a pinched nerve... OR another disc trying to cut off my spinal canal. It might be the latter because there's not much you could call pain, but plenty you could call neuropathy. One gets the break of radically less pain, in exchange for radically scarier possible outcomes. So. MRI.

But this means I have to deal with medical bureaucrats — and that term does now include doctors — again. Right when I had decided to stop dealing with them at all, to endure way more discomfort in exchange for relief from that lethal level of aggravation and insult. So. It's a motherfucking plot.

I totally mean it about finding a color darker than black.

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