listened to some of our old guard progressives tonight

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Made my stomach churn, but I'm determined to keep an earprint or an eyeprint wherever I ought to if I don't want to go down a reality tunnel that isn't going anywhere real.

Suffice it to say, Brad is just as knowledgeably inactivist and snarky as ever, and Molloy has gotten so crotchety and full of shit and way worse foul-mouthed than I am on my worst days that you almost can't listen without cringing or trying to roll up your ears. It's got SO much unjustified self-regard over in those precincts it defeats my will to describe it.

I did, however, find a pretty cool podcast about a new book just out called Cuba Libre even though Chris gets on my nerves something like Brad and Mike do, too. I think this guy may have dug up the good information on Fidel and Che and wish I had the money to buy his book.

All these assholes call themselves "progressive". They are anything but.

pipe up any time....