radically more far-reaching than merely iran/contra

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And, I have to tell you, also busts the supposedly "brilliant" dot connecting of charlatans like Granny Fussbudget and Admiral Janeway. It's SO helpful to hear Danny lecturing here when you are working hard against your mental programming, those deuced presets that are SO hard to eradicate from your brain architecture, that you really want to consider listening to this very carefully even if you don't give a shit about Iran/Contra.

I tell you, the buddhas of the ten directions are tap dancing on my forehead over having fallen for their shtick. I fell for it because the stuff they were broadcasting as their own belonged to serious others who'd broken that ground decades ago, and my memory was only good enough to make that stuff ring true when the charlatans started pretending it was their own.

I know I bring this up fairly frequently, but I am still humiliated for having forgotten myself, having failed to rip out all the faulty presets or remediate any part of my own brain's power module that serves so well for so much, but at the cost of details that could become crucial to recognizing charlatanism before it's too late... and by "too late" I mean not recognized until after I have recommended people you shouldn't waste your time adoring because it's the goddam equivalent of stolen valor.

The valorous human at the 2014 Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilizations conference was Danny Sheehan, who was not even a speaker, but got to witness firsthand what of his had been stolen by others. I got to hug him up for his heroism and sit next to him for quite a while and so that conference was, for all the other stuff, worth it to me simply for the chance to express even a tiny inclination of my gratitude for Danny Sheehan... no matter how much else of it was an object lesson in how elementary all my hard won victories over my own mental conditioning had been.

I can say without fear of boasting that I am at least still improving, but I'm still outright ashamed of myself for having let my lonely hours of rehabilitation from my major surgery make me need to listen so uncritically to those two. I mean, on the one hand, much of what they put out IS positive, but it's stolen, uncredited, and their INTENT is not your benefit, but their bank accounts and ability to fund their enthusiasms.

EVEN otherwise pristine information and work is negated in the end by the INTENT of the perpetrator/s. You cannot do the right thing for the wrong reason and have it add more to the good than the evil. Even if temporarily it arcs toward the positive, it will hit a crucial crossroad and evil will sprout where something good and decent ought to have manifested.

You better not view that as wuwu, because it will set you back into the quicksand.

Mark my words.

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