why the psychopaths always win

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Psychopaths have the WILL to get what they want.

Regular people only have the will to bitch about it to each other, ad nauseam, until they drop.

I have been regularly visiting Kym's site for many years and every single time she puts up something about homeless people, it's the SAME story... over many years. Those comments might as well be xerox copies of the comments every other time, and since long before I was ever under threat of homelessness myself.

One of my major concerns for humanity, since forever, is just as far from being resolved as ever. All that EVER happens is some get het up to YELL this commentary in person once in a while. Fucking hell. This is ludicrous.

EVEN after experts have run the numbers and found it's cheaper to pay for rent and food and healthcare for homeless people than for all the costs of leaving them shift for themselves.

This is FAAAARRRR beneath the California I grew up in.

pipe up any time....