honestly, fellas

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I still don't think this is Trump's baby. I know he took ownership of it, but I'm almost positive he had nothing to do with it until it couldn't be taken back. In fact, the bit about him giving nukes to Saudi Arabia is pretty far-fetched unless you take into account that his son-in-law IS fairly creepy.

But, whatever, I think the psychopaths finally gave up on letting Democrats flail away with their bogus maneuvers and someone seriously sinister has taken over the reins. I mean more sinister even than Darth Fudd.

Nothing better than to use Trump's ego against him, and BOTH these bits today look to me as though that's exactly what's being brought to bear on him right now. Take the warning. There is VERY little good about ego, and everyone needs to make sure that sucker is healthy and meek as a lamb or shit WILL happen.

pipe up any time....