it's a bit nippy out there

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Ergo nippy in here, especially with the bumbling optimism of this skinny old broad who'd just flopped out of her warm spot to inspect the day... wanting to check if there were snow out there. Well, I think there was, but the sun was hitting it so hard it was blasting me in my blinking eye's and I couldn't tell what was steam and what was snow.

But morning sun in my mud "room" helps warm my house if I leave the door open, so, of course, I did, and went about the project of my first cup of coffee. I'm warming my huge coffee glasses and the filter holder these days, and also warming the cream for the coffee, just so I end up with a proper container of actually hot coffee for the first few sips anyway. It's darn adult and lucid of me, I must say/brag.

Very enjoyable.

Except, in the middle of it, I realized puffs of icy air were blowing up from my chocolate uggs and seeping into my black fleece tights and up under my iron grey alpaca sweater, leaving my tits which are strapped down by a girly black nylon/spandex bandeau the only warm parts on me, and it took me a full five more minutes to realize that sun shot had been a stone fake out and it was already back under its blanket of snow out there.

So it's cold as fuck in here now, but I look chic as fuck anyway.

As usual.

pipe up any time....