i'm considering a new point of view

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I have been unhappy with the real world incarnations of feminism since clear back in the bra burning second wave. I do not — can't bring myself to, never have, it's too stupid — think that men and women are in any wise unequal. Acting like it is one thing, but the actuality of it is another. In any direction.

It's a pain in the ass to talk about. People seem to me to be purposely not understanding words like "egalitarian" and "equality" and "freedom". Liberté, égalité, fraternité. Fundamental concepts. Muddled beyond redemption. On purpose.

Let's not even bother taking the gender confusion thing into account. That's a meta-departure that has NO effect on reality... unless you want to count aggravating everyone even further off our rockers.

I've been listening to the nightly streams of a really unlikable genius because I like to hear his takes on Western Civilization. He is staunchly Christian, loves to remind the minions that he's smarter than they are, brooks no balderdash on the chat threads that accompany his stream, or in the comments section of his blog. Probably nowhere does he take it lying down.

At first, there were moments when I wished to snap it off, wary as fuck of my own pathetic starvation of intellectual company getting me into any more scrapes with pigs in human meatsacks, but I decided to take my own advice and listen to him anyway. It is definitely the best to listen to people with whom you do not think you agree and to those with whom you are certain you disagree. Time and again we find ourselves freed mentally when we do that.

So I've yet to find him going on about something SO out of phase with sensibility I can't take it. I see him modeling the kind of integrity I have so long wished people could remember and embody and perpetuate so we might optimize our time on this planet.

People ask him questions and he answers them, if he feels like it, and doesn't answer them when he doesn't know the answer. Once in a while he will posit a possible answer, but he's always clear about what's his answer and what's not.

A few weeks ago, he came out and said that women should never have been given the vote, should not run anything unless maybe you count the home and this is a large portion of the demise of civilization. So you might, from this, decide the guy's a hopeless case or some kind of admirably stubborn dinosaur.

I, on the other hand, registered surprise but immediately fell to considering how much truth there might be inhering his clearly outrageous pronouncements against women fucking up everything. He's decidedly no misogynist and I've never seen him treat any female as though she were constitutionally inferior.

It never crossed my mind that the whole problem with so many women rising to power as man-imitations-only-sillier-and-meaner has not been merely an unfortunately necessary phase of the ultimate emancipation of women. Women might actually BE incapable of doing a better job than this. We might actually be jumping off the lemming cliff, mindfucked idiots insisting on our own devaluation from the iron law of all humans created equal.

The system, the machine so odious, does not improve with women's hands on the levers. The workplace is subverted when we are present... NOT from our incompetence but from men's inability to fit us into their hierarchy. They can't run things without that hierarchy. Things just don't go without that particular assortment of roles producing the symphony of accomplishment-tude itself.

Women are NOT mere bearers of children. We are growers and nurturers of humanity, and veritable mega-turbines of ideas, many of which are fabulous in the best possible way. We might be radically decisive members of society, but our intelligence is too inclusive to be conducive of accomplishment itself. How many times have I needed the help of a man to pluck me out of my soup? Countless. To how many weak-minded or dull-witted men have I ever been remotely attracted?


You mean that might not be merely down to sex, to heterosexuality? It might actually be that, say, a matriarchy might be less productive of positive outcomes than patriarchy? That I've been, for fifty years, waiting for a competent and transcendent woman leader to grow to prominence, when, all along, that can't ever happen?

Try as I might, and have, I am not coming up with any good arguments against this. It does NOT make us less in ANY sense, or men more in any sense. We're still on the FUNDAMENTAL liberté, égalité, fraternité beam, but fulfilling and happy and sane and altruistic and positive relations can bud from it.

I mean, what if we could have bested greed, hate and delusion tearing down our world if we'd've kept the fundamentally true — our equality — and complementary natures — more in charge of our civilization? What if we could go back to maturing into adulthood from our childhoods? Who could oppress us if we did that? Who'd even want to?

Only psychopaths.

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