it's not that murder is okay

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But this creeps me out anyway.

Believe it or not, this genealogy business has caused a LOT of grief for many families. Yes, lots of people have found long lost or completely mystery relatives and feel enriched by it, but very, very many have suffered huge upheaval and I'm not sure this has been a good thing at all.

I mean, the ancestry thing is risible for so many reasons, one of the most popular being finding out how all our presidents have been sixth cousins or eleventh cousins, as though that's some sort of bloodline conspiracy, but even just in the here and now, I know people who have suffered greatly from these damn gene sequencing tests.

Peggy's an ancestry nut. Just the other day she informed me I'm related to some snooty Dutch family in New York and who to contact to find out about my elitist other descendants of a great grandparent's family. Hell, I only ever met one of my grandmother's thirteen siblings in my whole life. I have some cousins from my uncle's first marriage I only ever laid eyes on once, for maybe five minutes, when I was four.

I'm not curious about it.

At all.

I was curious about the indian blood anomaly, but managed to figure out how that happened... why so many of us got told, but it's not on the books... why those who are on the books don't want to even know about the ones who aren't. [Not wanting to share federal funds with us.] And it just goddam too easily brings out the worst in people.

Peggy thinks I'm nuts, but she never meditated about the millennia of ancestors not being able to even fit it the world's biggest stadium if we could round them all up for a family reunion... how it would not be any different than right this very split instant to do it, how it's really just an artificial breakdown of the brotherhood of man.

Seriously. Each of us is directly descendant of people whose national or tribal identities have never even been discovered in recorded history. We might hale from a distant galaxy for that matter.

What is important about this?

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