recovering california

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In my lifetime, mountain lions and bald eagles have been the two critters closest to extinction in this state. Both are back. Spotted owls were coming back, but a heavy influx of barred owls may have finished them off. A couple years ago there was a documented sighting of a gray wolf near the border with Oregon.

Goes over like a lead balloon amongst cattle ranchers.

Another solid fail would be resurrecting the golden bear.

And you think, naw, we have a much more enlightened attitude about these spectacular predator species now. We can fix it. We want our wilderness back, our true California back. We'll make it happen.

I'm thinking, nope. The reasons all those critters went extinct or on the verge of it here have not changed and people only take regulatory measures seriously when they aren't discommoded by them. Just skim the commentary over a couple of orphan black bear cubs. Not even a predator, just a scavenger pest you need to prevent looting your garbage cans. People ARE shooting them for this.

Basically, nothing has changed. There's only been a break and the winner mentality — the killer mentality — will win again.

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