the UNethical alternative

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They always snap back at me, "Yeah, well, I can't hear broccoli scream, okay?" I can, and you also never hear the rabbits and fawns and ground critters being mulched in the farm fields screaming either. Nobody hears all those chemicals screaming, though, since they're fucking demonic toxic and only deemed safe for human consumption because you don't drop immediately after ingesting them.

Come ON.

I do grant that some people seem to be able to stay healthy for a relatively long time on vegetarian and vegan diets, but most do very poorly and either stop that nonsense before they are seriously ill or once they're seriously ill enough to cut through their lunatic mentation. There are others who never do. Literally die first... or kill their children or pets with their bent self-congratulation joneses.

I think maybe people from the more tropical areas, whose ancestors always had lots of fruit and vegetables handy to eat, are genetically better-equipped to run on no meat or fish or poultry. Most long term vegetarians I ever knew ate dairy and eggs, which kept them able to get out of bed every morning and face the day.

I know young people who simply settled for eating LESS meat and are still healthy after fifteen years at it... but they rarely buy any prepared foods, making their meals from scratch, so that could be THE difference right there.

Incidentally, none of the vegetarians I used to know stayed vegetarian into their fifties. Each and every one of them realized that having enough energy for life was a priority.

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