this might be why i feel like going to the ER

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I listened to this live today. Through the whole thing the twitfaces were saying over and over and over and over, "No. You can't take our insane political bias prerogatives from us! Trump might get re-elected. We might not get our global control. We are innocent of any ugly motives. You are fleas."

You don't understand corporate speak and PR speak and litigation lingo. You haven't been up close and personal with it in dire circumstances. This might have done the trick if Joe Rogan could have been banned from his own podcast, but... THAT did not happen.

You should listen, even though it's long. This really is life and death to America stuff being discussed.

Trump was NOT supposed to win the 2016 election. Alex Jones and others had the most to do with the ability for faithful and decent citizens to fight the psychopaths' machine. Conservative voices started getting banned off social media shortly thereafter, and NOT just voices snuffed out of the complicated system of pipes, but bank accounts closed, advertisers evaporating. First Amendment decimation before our very eyes.

Listen to the nematodes trying to make it seem like algorithms are beyond our control, like they're at the mercy of technology, like being transparent about fucking someone over and why they did it addresses the imperative to stop fucking people over.

This is BEYOND THE PALE "healthy discussion" theater.

You ALWAYS fall for this crap.

It might be why my urge to calm down is being strangled by a desire for the ER.

pipe up any time....