101 every damn day

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I don't even think it's about my age. This fucking road is filling with more pinheads with every passing day. There have been SO many injury and fatal accidents on the major arteries into and out of my neck of the woods over the last year that I'm considering costing out airline tickets for when I need to get to the rest of the world.

It used to be that I would get off 101 southbound at Healdsburg and head over to One to reach my friends down in the Bay Area. Then I began simply turning onto One at Leggett, staying with Peggy and Jim for a while and then continuing on down to Stinson Beach with the pinheaded tourists, who, shockingly, turn out to be much saner motorists than most Californians now.

It's advanced from jackasses who use their high beams on the freeways and never dim them to displaying an obviously complete lack of any grasp on even rudimentary laws of physics behind the wheel to plowing headlong into oncoming traffic and flying off the road completely. The consequences of the stupendous decline in drivers' competence are getting more severe and more frequent all the time.

Maybe it's time we really stop to consider that humanity is NOT evolving.

Just the opposite.

Sometimes I think I should just try to ignore Kym's blog, because it is a good day when it's ONLY a Eureka pedestrian being mowed down. Usually someone's car departed from 36 or gun battles between motorists on 299 or another Volkswagen left 199 to cool off in the Smith or every manner of spectacularly awful crackups on 101, plus the odd squashed pedestrian.

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