even if yer no conspiracy theorist

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You really have to wonder about Bill Gates fighting off all the science saying the exact opposite. Maybe I'm just too jaded from the trillions of hours spent dreaming up ways to get even with him for his ultra-aggravating product after I'd sacrificed my spirit in the effort to "be an adult" who used the same kind of crap OS as "the business world".

Yes. That was decades ago, but it's etched in me for life, and don't forget how long I spent clearing my mother's PC of crap for her, and having to cold cock Lars' PC by yanking the plug out of the wall because the stupid thing was too busy reporting his every move to thousands of perverts and nefarious types who'd loaded it with malware. More trillions of hours.

So, pardon me. Gates is a villain.

Do not trust him farther than you can throw him.

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