happens to the worst of us

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We get old and ugly as sin and we stop feeling so frisky. We stop seeing the humor in social upheaval and being assholes toward each other. Maybe not even noticing the irony of it all.

Also happens to the best of us.

And that's not all that's happening to the best and worst of us either.

Admiral Janeway's "slow burn" is no joke, and it's matured into a disaster on the streets of unprecedented proportions.

I'm sorry I keep rubbing your nose in the seriousness of our dilemma, but I have to stress that this epic level of lunatic raving political partisanship psychedelia is keeping us all too weak to be grown ups anymore. You keep hating Republicans for their perfidies and somehow can't notice the heinousness of the Democrats' perfidies.

They are HEINOUS... face it!

We are GOOD people. This is beyond the pale.

Stop it!

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