just need to grumble for a minute

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I think that — over all — we are devolving. I do also believe that some of us really are evolving, but not enough to bring the rest of the population, the culture, our civilization, up with us. So I'm becoming more and more attached to stupid little things like old timey gifs like this.

I mean, can't get much further from the modern debauch of hiphop and twerking and foaming freaks demanding their supremacy, that they be obeyed and you are shit who does what you're told or fuck off and die, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

All while I'm suffering brainworks over every damn trip to the grocery store in my effort to stay of some earthly use to anyone and/or everyone... including me.

Stop. Pan out. Look right behind you without turning anything but your gaze.

pipe up any time....