seems creepy to me

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That people need telling, but... well. You know.

I think I mentioned that the neighbor has been ripping up the little ecosystem next to my house. A large cement slab is taking its place, plus an array of solar panels. After having dropped most of the redwoods directly by my house, so they're now little more than bushy regrowth, and severely hacked the remainder, there isn't much in the way of owl habitat left, but the owls had moved back into the one tree least maimed after having waited it out for a couple years on my car's sideview mirrors.

The racket and ground churning over there in recent months drove all the native rodents to my house, it being the closest refuge from the carnage, and infestation took place while I was in the hospital. I mean, there was a vanguard rat I could hear under the house before that, but I came home from my heart attack mitigation measures to a bed ripped up by nesting rodents and scared the living shit out of a bunch of them who were working on the guest bedroom as optimal nesting grounds.

The world's slackest handyman took pity and set some traps under the house, and I think between my outraged visage and his traps we got rid of almost all of them... except the one who planted himself under the rotting mudroom and actually tried to break into a rat poison container. I haven't heard him in a while either. This really isn't a good place for rodents.

No food, and even though the owls seem to have split, there's still a large population of ravens whose favorite pastime is hopping around on my roof after spiders and eating the swallows who try to use my house for nests and I'm pretty sure they don't pass up rodent snacks either.

I only kept that rat poison in the mud room because I didn't want to throw it out and expose the dump's ecosystem to it, but maybe I should just ask the neighbor to pour his fucking concrete over it so nobody else has to die out of the natural order of things.

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