the words are driving me nuts

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They, none of them, except maybe MS13, so not in a good way, are "asylum" seekers. You might call them refugees if they're from certain areas, but really they're economic immigrants, illegal aliens. They are hated by many, and objects of pity to many, but they are being used to fill private prisons, to take jobs from Americans if they don't resort to crime, swell the census rolls for more electoral districts, vote illegally, and consume billions of dollars in safety net benefits... while helping to disappear incomes and services for jobless, disabled, elderly and homeless citizens.

These people being called "vigilantes" are former military and law enforcement who are sick of partisan pinheads making the problem steadily worse over the course of decades. THEY are the ones who love this country and uphold their oaths. They are heroes who care about us, and yet these stupid propaganda rags have the gall to use saintly language for the criminals and derogatory language for the heroes.

Do they think we're stupid, or do they KNOW it?

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