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Paradise has become its own special blend with hell.

That just cannot be overlooked. The greed and the need became too great and now places like Garberville and Petrolia are in fact dangerous places even to stop by for a meal. Where the worst you ever felt was a hint of wariness, a palpable but not very dangerous air of suspicion, mingling with an irrepressible joy in socializing, now you feel overwhelmed by threat.

It's not just the visual cues. It's neighbor hating neighbor and locals hating vacationers and transients bent on robbery and drugs... not even anything as innocuous as pot. Even completely discounting Murder Mountain, where you are most apt to become one of the corpses dumped by 101 or a river, Eureka, the bowels of hell for my whole life, is still turning into a safer choice for a pit stop on a trip.

Maybe not an overnight stay, but pit stops and services more likely to save your bacon in an emergency are turning into positive attributes to mitigate the horrors of the mobs of homeless meth and heroin addicts.

They do trickle up here betimes, when things have gotten too hot for them down south, but we have probably five cops for every two people in the county at any one time, so the debauchery here is still not out of hand.

That won't last.

As Humboldt gentrifies, the illegal grows all stolen by the law enforcement and the corporate grows get their feet under them, driving out or just outliving these boastful and nostalgic fatties, it will become with pot as Sonoma/Napa is with wine. Then guess where the population of undesirables will congregate.

You might think that, no, Del Norte has no viable pot industry and everything not parkland is already logged, but there have been attempts to make the roads in passable by the monster semis necessary for box stores to restock most profitably and for trucking in the materials for offshore oil rigs, if we believe our smug old stupid fuck politicians, for thirty years.

I have lived to become THE authority on the anthropogenic degeneration of coastal Northern California. How can I use what is left of me to mitigate the harm?

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