déjà vu all over again

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Heavy sigh.


I have taken a pass on many JRE podcasts over the last several months because it seems his "fuck you money" must not really have been enough for him and Rogan is going more seriously Hollywood bending to the sponsors crap by the day. So I won't take a chance on most of his guests anymore unless there's something important that can be gotten from them despite the host's disinclination to completely genuine discourse... plus, he's too stoned half the time to bother.

Anyway, I listened tonight to Tulsi Gabbard's second appearance on the JRE and if you are a registered Democrat you are SO not going to get a chance for anyone better to nominate.

If Trump doesn't cut this shit pretty soon, I may have to struggle with my conscience over my vow never to vote for anyone in that party again... no... matter... what....

But, see, she got angry with the DNC stuff in 2016 and quit the DNC, but not the party... so she's still affiliated with those despicable cheating liars, currently even worse than the other side's penchant for cheating and lying, but NOT with the absolute worst of them, so to speak. So there could end up being some wiggle room.

I mean, she talks right, and I think she even means it, and she did two tours of duty in Iraq and worked for a senator and has been in congress for six years and managed to make some solid inroads there.

She's also done and said more positive things in preparation for such a thing as becoming the first woman president and the first veteran we'd've had in too many moons... so she already is quite apparently a human with her priorities on straight.

That's huge. NOT a psychopath, or a big famous outrageous guy who loves making tsunamis in his wake. I'm going to have to look for people who served with her to try to find out if she's man enough to stand up under the constant threat of assassination by the assholes perpetrating this déjà vu problem that Trump APPEARS to be endorsing.

I'm not sure a sane human woman with that much sense and talent can hold up against these evil bastards. I'm trying to think of one woman world leader who was/is not a psychopath and Angela Merkel is the best I can do... but she's GERMAN and has not done very well against the globalist psychopaths, all in all, so could we expect Tulsi to hold the line against them sufficiently?

I don't know. Luckily there will be time to dig for more information.

pipe up any time....