driving in the rain

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My Discord app started ringing so madly late last night it woke me up. I thought maybe it was an online friend freaking out about something and I better get up and look.

So I tripped over the box full of my appeal and gravity chose that moment to fuck with me... HARD. Just a few scrapes but the blood thinner doesn't care. So I had to bathe in some hydrogen peroxide and bandage up my booboos good in order to find out it was just some drunk asshole playing games online.

So. My right knee is about twice its normal size. My left shin is covered in bandaids and such. My left shoulder is sore as heck and... my hips are making occasional WTF? twinges... whilst I must pack my car with a bunch of shit only barely still within my ability to heft.

So the driving part will probably be a relief.

I'll update this post when I've arrived at my destination tonight... I hope.


I arrived just fine and on time, but the power was out so couldn't let you know earlier. I'm very old and bunged up, but safe and sound. XOXOX

pipe up any time....