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Every Memorial Day — and a lot of other ones — maybe I could think of fun ways to honor my beloved heroes. It really was the whole reason they put their lives up for us you know, so that we might live wonderful lives. In fact, I remember a story about a guy who went back to Normandy every year to visit his buddy's grave.

His buddy had died in his arms and his last wish was for him to go on and make a wonderful family and have a wonderful life for him. So that's what the guy did. I know the story was true because that's what I've learned about our troops. They love each other AND us... often closer to those on deployment with them than to their own biological siblings... but they went to battle out of love for us, for the PEOPLE of the United States.

Drives me crazy that we don't seem to remember this crucial bit about why they will die for us, that love is the genesis of it, and, yes, the lizards driving human suits are abusing this FACT about humans, but we can't do without these humans.

I so totally don't get the women who want to be in the military, but I do totally get why the men do. For as Martian as they can be so much of the time, all that tough guy stuff is just a front... facilitated by testosterone poisoning. They actually like fighting. It's a guy thing. But they don't want to die any more than you do. They'll just do it for you because they are all great big blobs of love muscles... and when convinced the bad guys are bad guys, they don't mind killing them at all.

In fact, they're proud of it, enjoy it even, and I finally understand that.


The true motive is wanting us to live happy.

True love.

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