sage advice with one gaping flaw

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If you are one of the dignified, educated, formerly powerful charlatan class, you can say this stuff and strengthen your income stream. I gotta mention this to you because my doctoral work proved that it's 99.9% seriously deficient evidence that allows these people to keep making a living off their fantasies and yours.

No. Really. I went after their strongest claims. Thin air, exaggerated wildly... or, as I like to say, air sculpting... and it relies on you never doubting their credentials because they are so impressive. People with impressive credentials might be even more given to yanking your chain for cash than your average idiot. It's way more fun than work.

Heed me. Beyond, yes, black projects we know they're conducting, and are not really even a little scintillating, unless you count that the technology is probably so badly needed by humanity that continuing to mindfuck about it means we should be hunting them down and terminating their clearance, so to speak, lies bubkes.

There is plenty of truly scintillating truth you can find on your own... not the entertainment industry... doesn't cost anything but some effort to train your brain to look more deeply.

That is DEFINITELY not something charlatans are willing to do. They will produce synaptic tornadoes of scintillating speculation to dazzle your ass into bankruptcy, but dispense with the air sculpture for actuality? Not on your life.

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