the envious eyelash batter was FURIOUS

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That she wasn't one of those being bought... hissed, spit, moaned, yipped, came up with every vicious thing she could think of... to no avail. No, Sibel, they want JOURNALISTS. They want real THREATS to global control, you yimmering nitwit.

Personally, I was hoping against hope, trying to find every benefit of the doubt, any way I could think it might not actually be what it very seriously appeared to be. For a while it seemed we might get away with at least a more polished and erudite way to deceive ourselves, to miss the crucial insights, but no, we ended up with not even that. Just plain traitors.

I would like to take this moment to remind everyone that Matt Taibbi was the one who cottoned on and cut his nose off despite his face. He was the one real MAN, one true human, of the lot. God bless you, Matt, for not being willing to gorge your vanity at our expense.

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