the thing about nothing

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Is that it is something, but unlike other things, it cannot begin or end. It cannot be else than eternal and infinite in every sense. Distance, duration, dimension, in whatever permutation of those or anything you add or subtract or dream up. Mox nix. Nothing is something and it IS supreme, abounding everything, everything, everything, real or imagined.

The other big distinction about nothing is that it is clearly — vividly clearly — CONSCIOUS. We might want to question its intelligence, or its creativity, or its morals, but we can't question the consciousness of nothing because EVEN nothing will agree that there never would be, even for a nanosecond, anything if it were not.

So, I listened to this guy, even though he's screwy on a few fronts, because he has things to say that make for good points to consider, to ponder, to propel you into thinking more deeply about stuff... and that's not bad. That's very good.

And, it also might end up making you stop liking to diss the snot out of anyone who takes the word "God" seriously. There is one. It's just useless to anthropomorphize God because God is the one thing impossible to wrap your head around. No matter what there's never not going to be SO much more God than you can blame for shit that you will literally fry out all your circuits in such a ludicrous effort.

God, though, is, ultimately, a really wonderfully loving and compassionate something because God lets you EXPERIENCE God, and anyone who already has knows immediately when you are only faking it.

It is not you; you actually are it.

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