the world is a transitory abode

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Not a permanent abode, and the people in it are of two sorts: one who sells his soul and ruins it, and one who ransoms his soul and frees it. [Yes, I'm quoting the cousin of the Prophet of Islam. Deal with it.]

The mud-enslimed pig beneath mention, let alone her stupendously high-paying job, is really all the proof you need that souls are sold here, to the agony and enslavement of all the planet's inhabitants, which then begins to explain why ransoming your soul is actually a thing, actually necessary for good people to accomplish.

I know plenty of you are vexed by my determination not to be an asshole about our president, despite some policies and actions and appointments with which I wildly disagree. I am grateful to him above all, whether willingly, thoughtlessly or through some other calculus, for risking his life to rid us of this pig's owners.

And almost all of his regulatory changes and seemingly environmentally unfriendly positions are in fact, in actual practice, not a whit worse than the other side does through more corrupt means.

He's NOT the ideal person to accomplish the swamp draining millions are relying on him to deliver, but he was our only shot and real action on that front HAS begun. It's NOT just words anymore... and for as weird as this really sounds, he may be in the process of ransoming his soul... and helping many of us to do the same.

Every single one of the psychedelic polemics raging right now should be seen as soul sellers vs. soul ransomers. No political party or racial or economic class divisions bear on this FUNDAMENTAL struggle AT ALL.

Please. Hardly anybody thinks as deeply as it takes.

Everything rides on doing better.

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