truly a yuge problem

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China has been stealing everything it can from the rest of the world for a very long time. They don't seem to see anything wrong with completely disregarding copyrights and patents, and this gets thornier when you consider that no Chinese business can be considered independent of its government.

And, then, of course, comes the part about how they really do use cyber-spying quite audaciously. You might think it is our karma because so do we, and I agree wholeheartedly, but, damn, dudes. This mess needs straightening out something fierce.

All reports on 5G seem to indicate our problems with non-ionizing radiation will be continuing and worsening rather than anything like sense being applied, too. So there's quite a lot in favor of fixing all of this before going another step further, and just meekly acceding to the globalist agenda is NOT a viable fix.

You think our communities are tanked now? That will break them forever and beyond recall. It won't be possible for anyone on the whole planet to have a home town after that, or even an adopted one, unless you have a bottomlessly wealthy family or a bottomlessly impoverished one. You will be rootless or you will be dead.

And they don't care which.

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