an unholy trend going on

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Enemies of the president, friends of the president, anyone stuck in the middle, keep bringing up JFK now that the ludicrous psychedelic lying campaign known as Muh Russia is passing into history and the real felons are being brought to the public's attention. And it's all mixed up.

Even those who were content to let the lizards driving around in their human suits and enjoy the fruits of their corruption are reminded of how presidents deluded enough to be presidents get their heads blown off in public.

But wait!

If you listen to Admiral Janeway, Trump is complicit with the Democrats to take federal finances private, sealed it while we were all busy fulminating over the Kavanaugh debacle, but if you listen to Pat Buchanan, Trump may be letting them cut huge mounds of hay and then raining on them as they are about to get baled.

The general impression being that this really is still factional warfare from within the ranks of human suits driven by lizards, like I think I first brought up when Dennis Hastert and Dubby's religious guru were suddenly and completely inexplicably outed for their extreme pervitude, despite the damage it would do to the Republican Party.

I bring that up because most liberals still believed the Republicans were the ones owned by the psychopaths and so they would not have grabbed the keys to their human suits to obliterate their own like that. I was here going, no, no, there's factions within the ranks of oligarch lizards, and they're fighting for supremacy. They have no partisan or national allegiances whatsoever.

They are incapable of caring about anything but me, myself and I. Sure, they do like their dynasties, do much to insure their survival into the mists of the distant future, but when it comes right down to it, EVEN family can fuck off and die.

But wait!

We're talkin' The Donald here, maybe the only man in America who has the brains and the hubris to manipulate the power mad reptiles all around him. So fuck the filthy servants of evil openly wishing for him to be JFK'd and the unwitting servants of evil quaking in their hoping and changing and cringing corners. Anyone who JFK's Trump will be torn limb from limb by the mobs of liberals and conservatives who want our country back.

They're trapped rats, and unspeakably dangerous, but they KNOW that much.

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