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If you have read John McPhee's Assembling California, you know that our state was formed by the Pacific Plate slamming two islands into the North American Plate. To my, admittedly fantastical, mind that means that those islands were formed as our big ball expanded and then were shoved back onto the continental landmass via plate tectonics.

Mox nix.

The point is: Everywhere I try to check is saying the plates under the ocean are pushing UNDER the plates on the mainland. This screams to me mountain ranges getting higher, things on the mainland, in general, rising further ABOVE sea level.

Disregarding my general animus toward Southern California, I would say that [1] the general supposition has long been that the more tiny quakes on the Pacific Rim, the less chance of The Big One hitting soon, that, yes, it doesn't mean it's not coming, but the small quakes are signs of incremental pressure release, which subtracts from the violence of larger quakes; [2] disregarding the glory of that hellhole being razed, it's much more likely to be elevated; [3] geologists and paranoia click baiters both profit from scaring the shit out of you, even if it doesn't make sense, preying on your ignorance for cash; and [4] terror is bad for your arteries and nerves.

Cut it out.

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